FT 858 L dry yeast now in Leaf’s product range

We are very happy to announce the addition of a new strain to the Leaf yeast product portfolio. FT 858 L a reference strain for cane to ethanol fermentation selected by Fermentec in Brazil is now produced and sold under licence* by Lesaffre Advanced Fermentations.

FT 858 L was selected in an industrial environment specifically for it’s interest for the production of bioethanol from sugarcane. FT 858 L yeast has distinctive properties that make it the ideal match for cane to ethanol fermentation. FT 858 L is recognized in the ethanol industry for it’s high tolerance to alcohol, high temperature levels as well as organic acid stresses. This yeast strain is also able to ferment at low pH and is less foaming than other strains.
With this new addition to the Leaf ethanol yeast product portofolio cane to ethanol producers can expect higher yields, faster kinetics and low residual sugars.

For more information and the product specification sheet go to our bioethanol yeast section.

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* outside Americas

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