Industrial ethanol

A global fermentation approach

Yeast is a key ingredient in bioethanol manufacturing directly influencing the plant productivity. The correct strain of yeast must be used in the right presentation, quantity, physiological condition and stage in the process. The bioethanol industry requires continuous innovation and demands yeast strains with higher sugar and ethanol tolerance levels, higher resistance to temperature and lower congeners production. Fermentation products must also be able to resist to the specific stresses of the substrates used for the production of conventional ethanol and ferment sugars with the highest efficiency. Our yeast and yeast products for conventional bioethanol production were selected to meet those expectations.

At Leaf our team of fermentation specialists offer custom made recommendations adapted to the specificities of the process, the needs and the economics of bioethanol producers around the world. Leaf offers a global fermentation approach to maximize your plant’s efficiency and profitability, from the selection of yeast strain up to onsite training of your staff.

Science-based solutions for industrial ethanol production

Continuous improvement is at the heart of your activity and we have strong experience in yeast and fermentation, that’s why we work together towards better plant efficiency.

At Leaf, we deploy a technical approach based on the scientific method. To start from the facts, we team up to observe the specificities of your plant and collect data in order to establish a diagnosis and the baseline of your process. We define together your performance improvement project: a project that improves one or more of the KPIs (ethanol yield, plant productivity or energy savings). Then, our technical experts formulate the hypotheses and make customized recommendations. Leaf supports your action throughout the implementation of these recommendations. Finally, we compare the test results with the baseline to reach the conclusion.

The implementation phase often involves the use of different solutions from the Leaf’s toolbox: onsite training of your staff (operators, engineers, technicians, lab manager, plant manager), datamining or more sophisticated tools such as nutrition tuning and microbiology mapping.

Our Product Range

Ethanol Red®

Ethanol Red® is the industry standard in biofuel production. Ethanol Red® is a rapid fermenting, temperature tolerant strain of yeast that is capable of reaching a final ethanol concentration of up to 18% (v/v) making it ideal for the production of industrial ethanol from starch substrates.

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Gen One Plus

Gen One + is a specially selected strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae developed for the starch-based industrial ethanol industry using Lesaffre’s patented hybridization techniques. Gen One + is a temperature tolerant dry yeast that displays higher alcohol yields and decreased glycerol production within processes using low to medium gravity conditions as compared with similar yeast strains on the market.

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Safdistil™ Plus

Hybrid yeast selected for its superior fermentation kinetic, temperature resistance and ethanol tolerance on beet substrates of a wide range of purity (beet juice, thick juice, molasse).

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Safdistil™ C-70

A very robust yeast strain capable of fermenting various substrates (molasses, C-starch, grains) at different temperatures from 25°C to 35°C (77°F to 95°F).

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Yeast nutrient complex based on the synergies between organic & mineral nitrogen and vitamins. Its formula was specifically developed to enhance yeast growth and secure alcoholic fermentations.

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